Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fufu Ninja is now on Twitter

Fufu United Ninja All-Stars is reaching out to it's fan base on Twitter.

Tweet with the game devs and get the 1st look at the latest Fufu Ninja news and updates.

Twitter URL:

Tweet with the Fufu Ninja game devs @fufuninja

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Become a FAN of Fufu Ninjas on Facebook

Fufu United Ninja All-Stars is now on FACEBOOK!

Become a FAN now and get the latest updates and insider news about the game development.

See you on Facebook!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Pandas are Coming to HoN

The Pandas are coming to Heroes of Newerth!

We've had talks with some of the game devs at S2 and we think it would be great to port Fufu on the brand new K2 engine. Since there will be a HoN map editor, we are quite excited with this prospect. Here's the screenshot of the new PANDA model by S2 Games.

Click to zoom in.

Watch out for other Fufu Ninja models on this upcoming game.
If you guys need HoN beta keys, just send us mail and we'll give you one.

Available Fufu models on the HON game engine (as of September 2009)
1. PANDA - check
2. TREE TAG NINJA - check

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heroes Of Newerth Beta Keys For Fufu Players

Since we've been discussing among the game devs on the next step for Fufu United Ninja All-Stars.
We have found a possible game engine to use. This would be S2 Games' K2 engine.
The K2 engine is the foundation for games like Savage, Savage 2 and the upcoming DBG (DotA based game), Heroes of Newerth.

One of our game developers was invited into Heroes of Newerth beta and is currently studying the game engine.

Anyways, I know a lot of DotA and Fufu Ninja players have been looking for HON beta keys.
These Heroes of Newerth beta keys will be used to be able to play in the closed beta.

Not everyone can have this and this would be your chance to try and see the future of both DotA and Fufu Ninjas.

Getting into the HON beta is easy if you're a Fufu Ninja advocate.
Just go to the Fufu United Ninja All-Stars thread on Playdota

Then post a reply discussing your ideas/expectations for a Fufu Ninja port to the HON engine.
If our beta key sponsor would like your contribution, you will immediately receive a Heroes of Newerth Closed Beta Key.

Easy huh.

Fufu United Ninja All-Stars - possible port to the Heroes of Newerth (K2) game engine.